About Ez Dyer

I started my career within the Finance Industry, to which I gave 14 grateful years to. The change to skincare and makeup came with the encouragement from some of the industry greats, coupled with my experiences of skin conditions, it was a natural step forward to a new challenge.  Skin care has always been of great interest to me; understanding how our bodies react to different environments whether they are internal or external, and then being able to restore balance and treat the underlying causes is always showing me something new. Having trained in Makeup too, I have had the opportunity to work with clients that have required more than just a makeover, they seek advice on skin care as well options on what products they should use. I believe that both these areas are key to a persons well being emotional state. I have seen first hand working with charities such as Help For Heroes and The Good Grief Trust, how just the feel of touch can create such positive feelings and happiness.