The MRL Holistic Experience 

 The MRL Signature Facial has been created specifically to incorporate Marie’s skin care range with intuitive touch, and is a totally relaxing experience focusing on feeding and supporting the skin. The Signature treatment is performed by Ez Dyer, personally trained by Marie.

Marie says, “The intuitive mind is something we all have, yet ignore and not trust. The process of tapping into a sense or feeling is a blessing that every therapist should utilise, especially within treatments. To ‘feel with the seeing touch’ – is to allow the hands and  fingers to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ what the body tissues, muscles, tendons and fascia is telling me. It is key to not go through ‘mechanical’ motions but communicate and tap into the client’s body, not what the client tells you in consultation but what you see in body language, what you hear through tone of voice, speed of speech and what you sense in the fingers, and how the communication of body tissues act within treatment – and believe me they do communicate.”

This treatment is not a corrective treatment but a therapy that allows complete relaxation using the MRL Skin Care range to feed, nourish and support the lipid barrier and the skins flora and fauna. The massage itself continues into the scalp and upper body targeting tense superficial fascia and allowing a full relaxation experience to commence. Your mind, body soul and skin will thank you for it!

 £150 – 1hr 15mins

MRL Skin Booster

 The perfect boost to the skin incorporating the very best in skin ingredients to support the lipid Barrier and feed the Epidermal Microbiome, adding in advanced LED and Oxyjet to push results driven ingredients into the skin leaving the perfect glow.

£90 – 1hr